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Freeze Warning: Be aware of pets, plants, and heaters

Dean Jurecic of GA Power Dean Jurecic of GA Power

As we expect a freeze warning at night, veterinarians want pet parents to keep their furry friends in mind.

If you have a dog make sure that you keep in mind the size. Larger dogs can bear the cold a little more than smaller dogs.

Also it may be harder to keep your cats inside your home it's suggested to at least make or get them a small shelter they can stay in.  For all pets vet's say you should keep one thing in mind.

"Know your pet. Some pets tolerate cold weather easily compared to another pet of the same breed of the same size, that's chilly. Just like people, when you take an office group you find out which people can tolerate cold better," said Veterinarian  Dr. Fred Freeland.       

Keeping yourself warm this season can at times be a task itself. Experts from Georgia power say proper space heater safety is important. They say residents should avoid leaving heaters unattended, especially when leaving home.

One employee does have this warning about using them.

 "They're not very efficient if someone can use these for supplemental heat. It's not really as useful if you have central heat, furnace, or heat pump. That's what you want to use instead of these. You can use them in short periods, but they're not efficient and will use more energy than your regular system," said Dean Jurecic of GA Power.

Objects such as fabric should not be left in front of heaters. It's also important to avoid the use of extension cords with space heaters.

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