Editorial: Missing Moody Air Force trainees

Editorial: Missing Moody Air Force trainees

Many of us were stunned the Air Force waited almost 36 hours to notify the general public after learning the two Afghan air force trainees were missing from the base last week. And that they would not release the names or photos of the two students citing concerns for their safety of their families back home.

We certainly don't want to see any harm come to these men or their families but what about our safety?

Releasing their photos might also bring in a tip that could lead to finding the two men.

The Air Force does stress they don't believe the two Afghans pose a security threat and were both thoroughly screened before being allowed to come to the United States for training.

But the one thing we learned from the San Bernardino attack is we all have to be alert and to use common sense at all times.

We certainly hope the missing trainees are found soon and that the Air Force will put in new stricter guidelines to make sure no other Afghan students will go missing during their training mission at Moody.

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