Americus police officers have new rides

Americus police officers have new rides

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - Police officers will be patrolling the city in brand new cars. The city recently spent about $350,000 on 10 new cars.

The officers we spoke with are excited about those new cars. They say they no longer have to worry about whether their cars will start and drive.

Six of those cars will be patrol cars; three will be unmarked investigative cars, and the other one will be for the chief.

"Our fleet over the years has begun to age, and this is a tremendous and welcomed addition, and we are very thankful to the mayor and council and Mr. Kennedy, our city manager, to find the funds to purchase these vehicles," said Interim Chief Herman Lamar.

The new cars will replace ones with more than one hundred thousand miles on them and ones that have paint chipping off the outside.

"This will allow me to carry much more of my stuff without having to come back and forth," said Detective English.

They'll also replace cars that are too small for investigators.

The morale of the department is through the roof.

"It improves the morale of the other officers of the department that get some newer equipment and better cars to answer and respond to calls in the community," said Officer Carolina Pittman.

"Makes us feel like we're appreciated. We get new equipment that we can patrol the city in. Some of our cars have been unreliable the last few years," said Sgt Trey Norton.

The old cars are officially on their way out.

"They will be taken to the city shop for inspection and those that meet the requirements, those that are no longer serviceable, city shop will make a recommendation to remove those from our fleet," said Interim Chief Lamar.

Expect to see these brand new cars out on streets in Americus soon.

The cars were purchased with money already in the budget. The department will also introduce 3 new officers at tomorrow night's council meeting.

The search for a new chief continues.

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