Dumped 'Elf' lab puppies find homes

Dumped 'Elf' lab puppies find homes
FILE - A photo of the puppies after they were found.
FILE - A photo of the puppies after they were found.

DAWSON, GA (WALB) - Five Labrador puppies, rescued Saturday in Terrell County from a thicket of brambles in an abandoned shed hidden from the road, have all found foster homes in Florida.

In keeping with the season, the pups have been named after characters in the holiday film favorite Elf.

In the latest picture of the five puppies, they are dressed to match.

The puppies were rescued by Friends of Terrell County Animal Control, and flown by private plane Sunday morning from Bainbridge to Lakeland, Florida.

All of the puppies are healthy. Florida All Retriever Rescue in Tampa, Florida placed the puppies in five separate foster homes immediately, and two of the puppies have already been adopted, and will join their permanent families soon in time for Christmas.

The remaining three puppies will be available for adoption.

Animal Control said winter is the season for people to dump unwanted animals, and it's a practice they're trying to stop.

The puppies were found deep in a thicket of brambles and trees off Bellflower Road in Terrell County, huddled together under the ruins of an abandoned home.

"I don't want people to think they can't bring them to us because they will get in trouble. That's the least of our worries," said Lee County Public Works Director Mike Sistrunk. "We want to try to take care of the animal."

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