Albany Para-pro in trouble for altercation with student

Albany Para-pro in trouble for altercation with student
Marvin McWhorter (DCSS)
Marvin McWhorter (DCSS)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Police say a woman's child was beat up at school by a Dougherty County School's paraprofessional.

Alexis Redding says she was shocked when Radium Springs Elementary school officials called December 10th and said her son had been assaulted.

Dougherty County School Police charged 37 year old Marvin McWhorter with simple battery, a misdemeanor.

"Jaelyn said he jacked him up, Redding said. "Then took him in the teacher's lounge and closed the door and assaulted him."

Investigators say McWhorter got into an argument with the 12-year-old in the lunchroom, and then got too physical.

Dougherty County School Police Chief Investigator J.C. Phillips said he dragged the student down the hall.

"Thankfully it got broken up by the principal before it got really bad," said Dougherty County School Spokesperson J.D. Sumner.

The fourth grader stayed home until yesterday, when his mother allowed him to return.

"This just can't happen," said Redding. "And I want this to stop. It can't happen anymore to our kids. We send our kids, we put our trust in these teachers."

School officials agreed, and took swift action.

"You can't educate somebody if they feel threatened or if they feel like they are in danger," Sumner said.

McWhorter, who had only worked for Dougherty County Schools since March, was allowed to resign.

Redding praised Radium Springs Elementary officials, saying McWhorter was just one bad apple at a good school.

School police said that McWhorter can turn himself in at the sheriff's office.

They said he can resign his position, or face termination.

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