Crooks break-in to Mission Change's afterschool program building

Crooks break-in to Mission Change's afterschool program building
LaDonna Urick, Mission Change's Executive Director
LaDonna Urick, Mission Change's Executive Director

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Crooks break in to an Albany non-profit's after school program building. The Executive Director doesn't want the burglar to go to jail, but she does want the person to come forward.

The Executive Director of Mission Change says this the first time in three years that the building that houses the program called "The Village" has been broken into.  You might be surprised at the punishment she wants the crook to face.

Mission Change Executive Director Ladonna Urick and her staff spent majority of Monday cleaning up blood and glass inside the building that holds the organization's "The Village Afterschool Experience."

"As I sat there and I cleaned up after what this person did it breaks my heart," said LaDonna Urick, Mission Change Executive Director.

Last night, someone broke the windows to get inside. A bloody handprint remains from the break-in.

"They did not succeed so they went to another window and actually got through that window and crawled in through there and actually did not steal one single thing when they came through the house," said Urick.

Urick says nothing inside was vandalized.

"The person basically came in and went back out and we cannot figure out what their purpose was," said Urick.

A sign is posted on the door informing middle and high school students and volunteers to meet at the community center near McIntosh Homes where their elementary students in the program study.

"Mission Change is all about serving others so if somebody needed something that bad, our whole thing is you know we wish that you would just ask if we don't have the resources we could point you to them," said Urick.

Urick says she doesn't want the person responsible to be arrested. She instead wants something else.

"We would love to sit and talk with this person and say look you know can you just give our kids an apology because you've had to make us shift our kids to a different location just because you've messed up our house," said Urick.

Urick says she would even like the person responsible to do community service. Albany Police say the case remains under investigation.

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