Doctors see rise in South GA flu cases

Flu season is on the rise.
Flu season is on the rise.

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - South Georgia emergency room doctors and family physicians are starting to see a slight rise in the number of people sick with the flu.

Doctors say the warmer than normal weather this season has actually kept cases of the flu to a minimum. With more people catching the flu, it is important to remember to take preventative measures like getting a flu shot.

One physician said last year's concerns about the flu shot's effectiveness has been addressed, and a flu shot will reduce the transmission of the virus by as much as 60 percent.

"But, now the CDC has fixed that problem so it looks like the flu shots are doing a great job of keeping the rates of transmission down so we are encouraging everyone if they lost faith last year to come back and get the flu shots again," said Dr. Charles Kemp.

Fighting off the flu virus with a flu shot is a strong first step to staying healthy the season. Doctors recommend you wash your hands frequently with soap and water. It is also recommended that you don't share food or drinks with others, and to maintain a healthy diet and exercise.

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