ASU Fine arts building breaks ground next year

ASU Fine arts building breaks ground next year
Construction will start next year on a long-awaited Fine Arts Center at Albany State University.
It comes not long after ASU announced its getting rid of several fine arts majors, at least temporarily.
Faculty and students are excited to have a new space to call their own. The building will take about a year to construct, and ready in time for the fall of 2017.

Music students have managed to work in Holly Hall, but are looking forward to having more space in a new fine arts center.

The idea has been in the works for a long time, but now it's coming to life.

As part of ASU's master plan, they wanted to build on the upper campus, out of the flood plain.

"We had buildings that years ago were flooded, so the long term master plan is to build on the upper campus," says Larry Wakefield, Vice President of Fiscal Affairs.

And it's in a convenient spot, where students can access from the dorms and the Billy C. Black building.

"It's going to connect to the pedestrian walk so they can walk down the library. They can walk down to the student center, and we will have dorms right next to it," says Wakefield. 

Plus there is already a parking lot right in front of it.

"It's going to be a very open building, a very public building. We want it to be very convenient so we actually have a little turn in for drop off and parking," he says.

And the faculty says they can't wait to move into the new building.

"We anxious to get out of Holly Hall, where we are very cramped. Once that building is completed, we have a plan to move from June to July to be ready for August," says Fine Arts Chairman Marcia Hood.

ASU leaders say there are no changes planned in their academic offerings that would impact the use of this new facility. But they are accessing all programs as an ongoing process.

They will present the fine arts building design to the board of regents on the 21st.

The total cost of construction for the new fine arts center will be a little more than 24-million dollars.

The new center will feature 12 classrooms and a 100 seat theater and multi-purpose room.

It will also have practice spaces, rehearsal rooms, 56 offices for staff, and a 90-seat choral room.

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