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Ashburn sewer lines clogged... by clothing

Lamar Smith Lamar Smith

Sewage lines in Ashburn are working normally after a clogged line caused a mess this morning. Lines overflowed into one yard and a nearby ditch on Martin Luther King Avenue. They believe it all started from what people have been flushing down the toilets. One pump was clogged with socks and towels.

"Debris in it, towels and that sort of thing so it slowed the pump down and when it did, it couldn't pump the level and the wet well low enough and some of it ran out," said Lamar Smith, Vice President of WMI, the company that monitors the lift stations for the city.

Smith says it's not likely that sewage spilled into a nearby creek, but admits it's possible. "It's a problem, we just had to address it and fix it and move on," said smith.

A crew checking the lift early this morning noticed that problem quickly and prevented it from being much worse. Smith encourages citizens to think before they flush things down the toilet.

"Be careful. Don't put down the toilet that's going to cause problems," said smith.

Another problem could be the lift itself which is believed to be extremely old. The city has been given grant money to replace it and that should happen soon

"It'll be a big improvement. And we can't wait either because we were monitoring every day. We'd like for it to be more routine," said Smith.

There was another unrelated sewage issue with a line on Main Street but that problem was resolved as well. Smith says residents have no safety issues to worry about.

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