Gas leak injures men when they light stove

Gas leak injures men when they light stove

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - There was an explosion at the U.S. 19 Church of Christ about 12:30 Thursday afternoon. Two men were taken to the hospital with burns on their arms, but others nearby were not injured.

Witnesses said they thought that propane gas or LP gas had built up in the area around the stove, and then ignited when they tried to light it.

It appears that one of the gas line joints was not capped. There was very little damage to the kitchen, and the injuries are not life-threatening.

The two men were preparing to light the church stove to do some cooking, when firefighters say they opened the wrong valve.

Albany Fire Department Battalion Chief Kelly Harcrow said "So when he turned it on he actually introduced fresh gas into the kitchen area.  So when they ignited the stove, a flash fire ensued. Burning the two victims inside."

There were actually four people inside the church when the gas exploded.  But only the two men closest to the stove were burned, but they were not thought to be life threatening.  Both men walked to the ambulance to take them to the hospital.

Harcrow said "They were very lucky. And that appears they ignited it fairly quickly.  There wasn't a lot of gas buildup in there. The more gas accumulated of course, it would have been a lot bigger fire. A lot more damage."

The other members of the church did not want to talk to us after the incident, except to say they were thanking God that there were not more people injured.

The fire is still under investigation.  The name of the other victim or their condition from the hospital has not been reported.

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