Albany city leaders to review one-way streets

Albany city leaders to review one-way streets
Yaz Johnson
Yaz Johnson

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Downtown Albany business owners say a big piece of revitalization is easy access, and some say one-way streets aren't helping.

City leaders agree it's time to take a new look at them.

Within a 15 minute period on North Jackson, a busy one-way street in Albany, we caught a car reversing to turn into a parking lot that it missed.

Another car drove the wrong way down the same one-way street to get into the parking lot.

Yaz Johnson relocated his 23-year-old photography business to this busy block downtown just a few months ago.

"We need traffic flowing both ways down here," he said.

He loves being downtown, but says he and his business neighbors think one-way streets like Jackson and Washington don't help business, but actually hurt it.

"As we are looking at downtown redevelopment, this is a time to have the discussion about one-way streets," said Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard.

City leaders heard from Yaz Johnson at their meeting Tuesday, and Mayor Hubbard agrees that downtown needs to be friendly for business and for visitors.

"[It's important] to let them know they are welcomed, to let them know they are welcomed and not let them drive down a street and not knowing it is one-way and having to back up," Hubbard said. "That's a safety issue."

Business owners say it is an economic issue as well.

The timing may be right to pay to change the downtown streets to two-way traffic.

Voters will decide on a new SPLOST referendum next November.

City leaders are working on a list of projects that could include two-way streets.

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