Chamber of Commerce raises questions about healthcare coverage

Chamber of Commerce raises questions about healthcare coverage

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Georgia Chamber of Commerce is taking a hard look at healthcare coverage for poor Georgians because they say it's hurting the economy.

Five rural hospitals have closed in the last few months, and the Chamber says "many more hospitals are in danger" of closing.

Georgia hasn't accepted federal money to expand Medicaid, leaving $400,000 Georgians without any healthcare coverage.

The Chamber assembled a task force to look for ways to ease the burden of caring for them.

"We have to look at the facts in Georgia, study the issue, and by next year the Georgia Chamber Healthcare Access Task Force hopes to provide policy makers in the state capitol with some proposals to help us get to stability in our healthcare network so we can attract industry and jobs into every region of the state," said Chamber Task Force Consultant Brian Robinson.

Twenty states have not accepted Medicaid expansion dollars under the Affordable Care Act, although four of those states are currently under discussion to accept the money.

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