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Commissioners help with roadside litter

Pete Stephens, Decatur County Commissioner Pete Stephens, Decatur County Commissioner
Sheriff Wiley Griffin Sheriff Wiley Griffin

People in Decatur County have been complaining about all the trash they see on the side of the roads.  Now, County Commissioners are looking for a solution.

"One of these departments will be focusing on litter control in the near  future that will be put under a separate entity and that will be a combination of the city and the county working together to bring a better litter control for the county," said Pete Stephens, County Commissioner.

Commissioners say crews picked up more than 16 hundred pounds of litter in 3 to 4 months from Faceville to Bainbridge. Sheriff Wiley Griffin says inmates are constantly picking up trash but every time they pick it up, the grounds get filthy again quickly.

"Unfortunately once we do clean a certain portion of the highway we're right back two weeks later cleaning that same portion again because they littered again unfortunately a lot of this littering is because they just don't care but a lot of this littering people put in the back of the pickup trucks thinking it wont blow out but it does,"said Sheriff Wiley Griffin

Officials say with only 3 deputies on duty, they just don't have enough man power to have guards monitor inmates on a daily basis picking up trash.

Sheriff Griffin adds, "We got other higher priorities than litter but litter is important to us but we want to make sure that we're looking at property crimes and other crimes that are going on, we're literally going call to call with 3 deputies on the road. We need more deputies is what we need."

Commissioner Russell Smith says he's requesting an inmate detail squad to pick up the trash on a regular basis. County Commissioners will vote next June to determine if it fits in their budget.

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