Locked doors are the first step in crime fighting

Locked doors are the first step in crime fighting
Stick Miller
Stick Miller
Sgt. Brown and Briana Still
Sgt. Brown and Briana Still

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - After a rash of recent entering autos, Americus police officers are getting out in the streets to combat the problem.

Officers went to a couple apartment complexes around town and they checked doors and looked inside cars, and then knocked on residents doors and told them what to do.

"The vehicle's doors are unlocked." That quickly, a police officer finds an unlocked car in Americus.

The homeowner ran inside and left Christmas gifts in the back seat. "You were just coming from the house. It'll only take a split second for the gifts to be gone," said Sgt. John Brown with the Americus Police Department.

Driving around town to check cars, we found cars with lucrative items inside, like cell phone equipment, cars with doors open, and cars with doors locked.

It was part of a proactive effort to alert citizens of the dangers of leaving cars unlocked or locked with valuables inside.

"Not just night time, but any time during the day. It doesn't really matter. If they find an unsecured door, they will remove the items from the inside," said Sgt. Brown.

Brown spoke with residents after checking their car and letting them know what they should do.

"Lot of times they'll check to see if it's locked and it's not locked. Mind if go inside?"

 He then he shows what would happen next. "Then they would open and they would go through it to see what's in there. They would check under your seats," said Sgt. Brown.

It can all happen in a matter of seconds in broad daylight. "So glad to have the police come in here. It just makes you feel good to have a police presence in your neighborhood," said Stick Miller.

"I am thankful. It makes you feel safer in your community and at home that the police are concerned about the safety of you and your vehicle," said Briana Still.

A concern that police hope prevents these crimes from happening. Sergeant Brown says you should always lock your doors, even if you normally don't leave stuff valuable inside because you never know when you may slip up and leave something important inside.

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