Editorial: Two Terrell Co. women keeping children warm

Editorial: Two Terrell Co. women keeping children warm

It's the time of year when we slow down our lives to think about our fellow man, but not many people actually do something about it.

Two Terrell County women are doing something in a real and meaningful way, to keep children warm this winter.

Barbara Lynn Roberts, President of Phi Alpha Honor Society at ASU, and Debbie Roland, with the USDA Peanut Lab in Dawson, wrapped up coats to be distributed to families in Terrell and Lee Counties.

"Like the Word says, we ought to give and this is a great time to give to people less fortunate than we are," said Roberts.

"It's cold, too, I just can't imagine a child not having a coat, and I am just so happy to give these children coats," explained Roland.

We commend the efforts of these women, and encourage everyone to learn from their example.

If you want to help out these kind women with their coat drive, call (229) 995-7414.

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