Cordele man arrested for recent armed robbery

Cordele man arrested for recent armed robbery

Authorities announced an arrest in last week's armed robbery, an arrest that could help clear a lot of other cases.

Damian Walker is in jail charged with robbing the S&S food mart on Friday morning.

Investigators say more charges could be coming for other robberies in Cordele. Walker was actually taken into custody less than an hour after the crime and admitted to the robbery later that night.

Investigators believe they have a solid case against him. They say a grainy surveillance image shows a gun-wielding Damian Walker, inside S&S Food Mart shortly after 9 AM Friday morning.

A lookout description fit Walker's size, and sheriff's deputies were already looking for him on another case.

They went straight to his home on West 28th Avenue.

"Immediately located was the shirt, bandanna that he used, the money, cash that was taken from the store," said Crisp County Sheriff Billy Hancock.

Sheriff Hancock says other items were also recovered directly linking Walker to this crime.

Now, they're working to see if he is connected to other open cases in the city.

"We can't say right now that he's responsible but there's a lot of similarities due to the time of the day that robberies were happening, the method how he entered the store. Some of the clothing items that he used--stuff like that," said Cordele Police Sgt. Jeremy Taylor.

Taylor says the evidence is still being processed at the crime lab, but Walker is getting a hard look as the potential suspect.

"It would be nice to wrap it up in nice little bow and say Mr. Walker did them all. We can't say that at this time," said Sgt. Taylor.

Walker is also possibly linked to all of this stolen property that was taken from several cars in the county, and could be charged in those cases.

Both agencies credit the teamwork between each other for the quick arrest. Parole officers also helped in the arrest.

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