Editorial: Meigs problems

Editorial: Meigs problems

The small city of Meigs seems to have a BIG problem!  We recently learned that the city and its employees no longer had an insurance carrier.

The Mayor, Linda Harris, stated – on camera – that she had found a new insurer.  

We are now hearing from other city leaders that there is no new insurer, there have been no documents produced to confirm the new coverage,  that the company hasn't been paid yet... and they say Harris is saying it will cost more than they initially thought. 

Unfortunately, this is not the first time the leadership's activities have been called into question.  In fact,  Meigs coverage was canceled  because their insurance carrier considers them to be at high risk after the acts of Mayor Harris as well as the lawsuits from five previous employees.

 We think it is time for Mayor Harris to follow through on her pledge to resign her post.  This seems to be the first step in solving the problems facing the town of Meigs.

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