Albany Police Chief holds "Chat with the Chief"

Albany Police Chief holds "Chat with the Chief"

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany's Police Chief connected with the people he serves listening to concerns from the community.

"Chat with the Chief" is something the department hasn't done in a while.  Chief Michael Persley stressed the importance of the department serving the community, but also needing the community to help them.

"Help us, Help You," said Chief Michael Persley, Albany Police Chief. That's what Albany Police Chief Michael Persley asked from the community during Wednesday night's "Chat with the Chief" forum in downtown Albany.

"The city, the county, the community all involved to continue to make this "The Good Life City" because this a good place to live," said Persley.

Yaz Johnson came to hear how the Chief plans to move the city forward.  Johnson says Chief Persley has done well in his first six months on the job.

"Thus far he is doing an awesome job and I commend him on that and I commend him for even wanting to reach out to the public," said Yaz Johnson, Pastor/Photographer.

Persley stressed the importance of his department leading by example.

"If anybody ask well he has a hidden agenda, I do, to be the best on the block," said Persley.

Also his four points for the direction of the department.

"One is that we will be a professional work force, a ready work force, relevant and to the point," said Persley.

Johnson says he likes Persley's interaction with the community. He's even partnering with him for an upcoming Christmas event.

"I really like the fact that he's an on hands chief," said Johnson. "He's out in the community."

Citizens asked questions on report follow-ups, school zones and truancy concerns.

Persley says it takes the community working together to put an end to crime.

"The police is the community and the community is the police," said Persley. "We are all the same."

Chief Persley says he might hold "Chat with the Chief" twice a year.

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