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Tift bridge project may take a while

Randy Rathburn Randy Rathburn
Cindy Barber Cindy Barber

Some Tift County motorists are getting ready to deal with a detour that will likely last a year.

The Georgia Department of Transportation will tear down the Brighton Road Bridge over I-75 and build a new one. That project was supposed to start today, but it was delayed.    

People who live in the area were glad to get at least one more day without a detour.

Cindy Barber is a little disappointed that her commute near Brighton Road Bridge is about to be detoured.  "Instead of going right and being here in five minutes. It will probably take me about ten to maybe 15 minutes."

The bridge was supposed to be shut down today. "The very first thing this morning it wasn't closed yet so I did kind of sneak back over," said Barber.

The reason for the delay was Mother Nature. "Depending on weather and conditions it may be pushed back until tomorrow," said Randy Rathburn of the DOT.
The project is going to take nearly a year to complete. Barber hopes the project will make the road safer. "The bridge kind of peaks it has a little hill and when you are coming off you can't always see the traffic."

"The reason why we are replacing the bridge is because the existing bridge has limited site distance and was built to 19-59 standards," said Rathburn.

Although the bridge is being reconstructed to make drivers safe. Barber hopes the project won't last long.

"Sometimes construction projects go longer than what they say it's going to be so hopefully it won't go longer than that," said Barber.

Now GDot says the project will be done by November 30 2016. They hope to close down the bridge to start work on it this week.

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