Albany Police Chief hosts "Chat With The Chief"

Albany Police Chief hosts "Chat With The Chief"

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany Police Chief Michael Persley is preparing to meet with members of the community Wednesday night at the Government Center.

Chief Persley is calling this event "Chat with the Chief." He says he wants to hear from the community their crime concerns.

Persley has been the Albany Police Chief for six months now, and he says while he has spoken to several groups and neighborhood watches, this will be his first "chat with the chief."  But he says he will hold more.

"One I can hear what the community has to say, "said Chief Persley. "My officers can hear.  And also the community can hear the concerns of others.  Because someone in the audience may have the answer, and it's not necessarily police, but another community member."

Chief Persley said he planned this forum before other police protests began across the country, but he says he believes having close ties between the police and the community will prevent distrust.

The Chat with the Chief will be from 6 to 8  Wednesday night at the Government Center in downtown Albany.  He is asking concerned people in the community to come, ask questions, get involved to help make Albany safer and and a better place to live.

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