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Don't let your deliveries get stolen

Honey Bolton Honey Bolton
Officer Danny McCray Officer Danny McCray

With Cyber Monday sales estimated at more than $3 billion, many of you will get packages at your doorstep this week. Law enforcement agencies warn you those packages are a target for crooks.

Employees here at Place on the Pointe are busy.  With only 23 more days until Christmas, they're wrapping hundreds of gifts every day.  Before they ship those presents, they take precautions to prevent theft after deliveries.

Hundreds of gifts, wrapped every day here at Place on the Pointe, Store Manager Honey Bolton says they do triple the volume in shipping during the holiday season. "It's such a joyful time of the year and we love, in this business, to get the opportunity to make people happy," said Bolton.

But unfortunately, that joy can easily be destroyed if your delivered gifts get into the wrong hands. "Anybody can ride by your residence and see a package sitting on the front porch.  They can ride back an hour or two later, and if it's still there, most likely, they'll come back and take it," Danny McCray said.

Dougherty County Police officer Danny McCray says while it's virtually impossible to keep an eye on your property at all times, there are ways you can avoid being a victim of this sort of crime.

"Try to be home, but if you can't be home, have someone to be there for you.  Or make sure, whenever they're delivering, you can have it so you sign for the packages," McCray said.

Bolton recommends her customers use their place of work as the delivery address if they aren't home during normal delivery hours. "Because it's safer.  It'll be in their hands.  They don't have to worry about taking the chance of it being taken off their porch," Bolton said.

If a package is stolen from your property, Officer McCray reminds you to contact your local police department immediately to file a police report, which you can also send to your credit card company.

Officer McCray reminds shoppers to track packages online.  If you see that it's been delivered and you're not home, he suggests asking a trustworthy neighbor to pick it up for you.

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