Douglas cops will get body cameras

Douglas cops will get body cameras

DOUGLAS, GA (WALB) - The Douglas City Commission approved the purchase of new body cameras for the Douglas Police Department.

Thirty body cameras and related equipment will be bought to replace units already in use, and to upgrade the system to a more reliable unit.

"We want to keep our officers and citizens safe," says Police Chief Gary Casteloes. "The purchase of these new on-body cameras will help provide positive accountability for our officers as well as the public. Body cameras provide a helpful insight at interactions between officers and the public."

Body camera video recorders are utilized by law enforcement to record their interactions with the public, and to gather video evidence at crime scenes, and has been known to increase both officer and citizen accountability.

In other communities, the introduction of body-worn cameras as standard equipment, has shown a reduction in public complaints as well as a decline in officer use of force.

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