Editorial: Mark Richt

Editorial: Mark Richt

For the first time in a decade and a half, the state's flagship university is looking for a head coach for its football program.

After 15 years, Mark Richt is stepping down. Or was dismissed.  Exactly how that happened is still unclear in many minds.

What is clear, however, is that Mark Richt leaves a lasting legacy of leading by example, and steering the Bulldogs with honor, integrity, and class.

When his players stepped out of line, he corrected them. When they could not be corrected, he sent them out of Athens.

Current and former players, almost to a man, say that he is the type of coach they would want their own sons to play for. There is hardly higher praise than that.

Coach Richt won more games in Athens than any coach save the venerable Vince Dooley.

He averaged nine wins each year, and did so in a manner that's come to be known as "The Georgia Way."

We wish Coach Richt well, and thank him for 15 great years Between the Hedges.

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