Car hits home in Ocilla

Car hits home in Ocilla

OCILLA, GA (WALB) - Right after Lillie Lockegg was done watching the noon news when she heard a car crash into her home.

"I heard this squeak breaks and what not and I jumped up and I ran to the door. That's when the car had hit my house. " Lillie Lockegg said.

Ocilla police say the driver of this red Honda CRV did not stop at the stop sign on Seventh and Elm, hit a silver car, which hit the house. 
Lockegg says that people not stopping here is common.

"Kind of dangerous when those people are coming around that corner sometimes it's not no easy turn coming around there," Lockegg said.

For her living  in a one story home is something she is adjusting to. But where she's at in the neighborhood makes her worry.

"It's scarey at times you know," Lockegg said.

Ocilla police say this unusual day is just a reminder for drivers to be cautious.

"We just ask for people to be aware of their surroundings and be aware of stop signs. And make sure they come to a complete stop," Ocilla police officer Ashley Jones said.

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