Parents: Child with brain condition might not live

Parents: Child with brain condition might not live

FITZGERALD, GA (WALB) - The parents of a Fitzgerald seven month old baby say their child may not have long to live. But they are hoping to beat the odds.

Courtney Adams was born with Hydrocephalus. It's a condition that causes water around the brain.

Courtney's parents say a child with this condition usually lives for only 15 months.

They have to travel back and forth between a hospital in Augusta for treatment which is very costly for the family. The child is also receiving hospice care in Fitzgerald.

"Honestly we hope to graduate in another six months from it. The director had said that they are going to watch her. You know continue take care of her for the year and see what happens after that," Chanda Adams said.

You can donate to the family HERE.

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