Residents begin the search for the perfect Christmas tree

Residents begin the search for the perfect Christmas tree

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Those looking to buy a tree on Friday might have noticed a bigger crowd doing the same thing.

Traditionally Black Friday is the biggest day for tree sales.

Eames Christmas Trees started selling their trees on Thanksgiving. Kenneth Thomas, the manager of Eames Christmas Trees said sales were steady Friday.

Every year, they have had lots of customers looking for the real deal.

"They still come here to get the real tree. Everybody likes that smell in the house," explained Thomas.

Most customers buy trees around seven feet tall which will cost around $55, prices range from $27 up to $185.

Live trees bought now should last through Christmas if they are properly watered and some will last into January.

Those with Christmas trees should put their tree in water as soon as possible.

Set their tree up away from fire places, heaters or vents, and always turn off the tree lights when leaving home to avoid a possible fire.

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