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Meigs city workers don't receive paychecks

Chief Gary Price, Meigs Police Department Chief Gary Price, Meigs Police Department
Dorothy Whims, city council member Dorothy Whims, city council member

Meigs city workers are upset after not receiving their paychecks this week. 

Its been 3 long days since city employees in Meigs haven't received their paychecks and it couldn't have come at a worse time. City employees said that not getting paid during the Thanksgiving holiday has had an impact on their families at home.

Officials said that after the city manager resigned her position, Chief Price was responsible for issuing checks to employees. But according to authorities, Mayor Harris wouldn't allow him to because it was illegal, which left city employees without a paycheck.

"This is the worst time of year to have problems with pay is during the holiday seasons, Thanksgiving and you have Christmas. And employees are not afforded the opportunity to celebrate with their family," said Chief Gary Price.

But this hasn't stopped them from working, city council member Dorothy Weins said her husband Charles whose a supervisor of public works is still coming in everyday to make sure the drinking water is sanitary for residents and his family.

"Even though my husband didn't get paid  he still goes out every morning in his truck  and makes sure everything is right, so the citizens can have decent water and so we can have decent water. But he still don't get paid and I'm not happy about it at all," said Dorothy Weins, Meigs city council member.

Officials say when investigators contacted Mayor Harris she agreed to pay city workers today, but employees still haven't received any money.

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