Albany church holds Thanksgiving Prayer Vigil

Albany church holds Thanksgiving Prayer Vigil
Harold Smith, Volunteer
Harold Smith, Volunteer

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - How people give thanks on Thanksgiving Day is a very personal choice. One Albany church choose to give thanks, not by distributing meals, but by offering up prayer.They started at 7:00 Thursday morning and members prayed for nine hours straight.

Heads are bowed and eyes are closed at Avalon United Methodist Church for their first Thanksgiving Prayer Vigil.

"We had what we call an all day prayer vigil," said Harold Smith, Volunteer. "Where members of the church came in and spent at least 30 minutes up next to the street actually praying."

Many said they were praying for their family, those in need and our country. Harold Smith who organized the event says there's so much we should be thankful for.

"This was just one way of these people coming and showing the community how much they are thankful for," said Smith.

Smith says Avalon United Methodist Church continues to give thanks after bad weather in July knocked down the steeple on top of their church.

"Our spirits are high, the steeple may be on the ground but our spirits are still in the sky because we know who is in control," said Smith.

Smith says the vigil caught the eye of many people, located next to a well-traveled road.

"We've had people actually stop in the turn lane and take pictures and we've had some that would come off the street and pray with us," said Smith.

It's reaction that Smith says he's proud of.
"It's been a good thing I think for the community and to see that Avalon is a caring church and one that really loves the Lord," said Smith.

100 people took part in the prayer vigil throughout the day.
 Church leaders say due to the response they are thinking about organizing another Thanksgiving Day Prayer Vigil next year.

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