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APD offers Black Friday crime fighting tips

Corporal Brian Covington Corporal Brian Covington
Shoppers should be aware of their surroundings Shoppers should be aware of their surroundings

Black Friday for you may mean a day of shopping for bargains. For some crooks, it may mean an opportunity to steal all those bargains from you. 

Thousands of South Georgians will be hitting the Malls and the Shopping Centers Friday for the day after Thanksgiving sales.  Police warn that many crooks will be working, so they recommend you keep a sharp notice of your surroundings.

 "We ask that you use the Buddy System.  Shop in groups if you can.  And it's always a lot more fun anyway to shop with two or three more people," Albany Police Corporal Brian Covington said.

Police also warn that crooks are watching social media to keep track of you.  They urge you not to post social media of your shopping trip.

"When it asks you to check in your location, we ask you not to do that if you are not home, or nobody is at your house.  Because basically that is just an open invitation for the bad guy to come to your house and take what doesn't belong to him," Albany Police Sgt. William Henry said.   

The parking lot of malls and stores is another target spot of opportunity for crooks.  They are watching people loaded down with gifts putting those items in their car, and then going back into the stores.  Cops say there are simple ways to protect your car.

Covington said "Move your car to a different location.  Have the other friend take the car home to drop those packages off and come back."
Police say crooks will be looking for easy targets on Black Friday, and they want you to protect yourself.

Police also urge lady shoppers to keep a close eye on your purse or bags, don't lose sight of them in a cart while you look at other items.

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