Editorial: Capital punishment

Editorial: Capital punishment

The recent execution of Marcus Ray Johnson has re-opened the debate over capital punishment in our country.

While Johnson maintained his innocence, the Dougherty County jury was right to sentence Johnson to death after finding he brutally murdered Angela Sizemore more than 21 years ago.

 "I have no doubt in my mind that Marcus Ray Johnson is guilty and the jury has spoken.  And believe based upon the facts and the law that this was the appropriate punishment for the crimes," said Dougherty D.A.Greg Edwards.
The death penalty should remain a viable form of punishment when it involves a crime as heinous the murder of Angela Sizemore. 
We do believe anyone who receives such a sentence should be afforded every reasonable appeal, but where does reasonable end and just playing the system against itself begin? 

How can it be argued that the death penalty is a proper deterrent to terrible crimes if it takes 21 years to be carried out? 

This issue must be addressed in the future, so everyone can be assured the punishment fits the crime.

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