Albany family displaced by fire stays positive

Albany family displaced by fire stays positive
Shauntavia Brooks, Daughter
Shauntavia Brooks, Daughter

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A large Albany family is staying positive even though they lost everything in a fire just before Thanksgiving. The Brooks family says the people have been extremely generous in their time of need.

The Brooks family will spend Thanksgiving with their friends.They say they're thankful they have each other.

The Brooks family continues to smile as they stay at Merry Acres hotel after being displaced from their Pine Bluff Road Home. Michael Brooks says it's not the way they envisioned spending Thanksgiving.

"We never thought we'd be out of a house anytime," said Michael Brooks. "Not just on Thanksgiving, but it's just something that happened."

Cellphone video caught the fire. Brooks says when he turned on the home's electric wall heater it burst into flames. He and his wife were able to get all 8 of their children out of their mobile home.

"We got out of there," said Brooks. "By the time we got out of there the house was up in flames."

The ages range from two weeks old to 19-years-old. The oldest, Shauntavia Brooks, says she's had to be strong for her younger siblings.

"Yeah like you know I have to stay strong for them be there with them," said Shauntavia Brooks, Daughter.

Michael Brooks says the donations are coming in. He says his church family and co-workers at Sam's Club have been very supportive.

"We lost everything but we doing fine," said Michael Brooks. "We have great help from the community, and they've been kicking in real good."

"You know there's other people that's out there that really cares for you, so it's good to have people to help you out when you really need it," said Shauntavia Brooks.

Michael Brooks says his family's faith is what keeps them going.

"That in spite of everything God still has something in store for us. So that's what we are looking forward to, we just have to keep our heads to the sky."

Michael Brooks say they are now looking for a permanent place to live. You can make donations to the family by contacting Sam's Club in Albany or calling the Brooks family at 229-349-0521.

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