Editorial: Working Men INC.

Editorial: Working Men INC.

Two former felons from Camilla have started a non-profit organization to help other ex-cons become productive members of society. This is a needed step in the right direction.

Working Men Incorporated founders Montarrious Little and Kentrez Gardner recently spoke to Camilla City Officials about the need for job opportunities for those released from prison.

"Just because we have failed doesn't mean that we deserve to stay there," said Montarrious Little, Working Men INC. "Everybody deserves a second chance to be better."

"There are men that want to work and take care of their family and do the right thing but it's hard for us to do when we can't hardly find a job based on this is what we use to do, people are looking at our past," said Kentrez Gardner, Working Men INC.

Most people who go to prison will be released at some point. Society needs to insure that these people contribute positively to the system, and not remain in the criminal lifestyle.

Let's help Working Men, INC. You can call (229) 395-6904 or (229) 294-2353 to see how you can help.

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