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More speed breakers are planned for Albany streets

Mayor Hubbard Mayor Hubbard
Earl Crawford Earl Crawford

Tonight, Albany City Commissioners are expected to approve "traffic calming" systems for several busy roads. There are about two dozen on the list.

Speed bumps, humps, and "tables" are supposed to slow traffic down on residential streets where cars are clocked going too fast, too often.

Complaints of reckless driving on Don Cutler Drive, are frequent. Resident Earl Crawford says  "Lots of speeders, accidents, up in my neighbors house the light pole was knocked down two or three times."

That led city engineers to install speed bumps up and down this residential block in East Albany. Crawford, who has lived on the street for 38 years, says the speed bumps work, and he wants more. "Hopefully you know it will be put in other areas of the neighborhood."

He is not alone. Meadowlark Drive in Albany is home to one of the worst speeding problems in the city, with drivers being clocked going 12 miles over the posted speed limit of 30 miles per hour the vast majority of time.

Residents have submitted a petition to have speed bumps put on this street. Not all residents want them, though. A Concerned Citizen says  "They can't put them everywhere. They can put a policeman here, yonder, scatter policemen.  They can do that."

Mayor Dorothy Hubbard says "It's difficult to have a policeman out all the time." We met Mayor Hubbard on Don Cutler, and she says reducing speed on residential streets is a top concern expressed to her by Albany citizens. And, she says, like here on Don Cutler, speed bumps do work. "We need to slow down and one of the ways to do that is put in speed humps in some of the neighborhoods."

The city has a budget of roughly $97,000 to install speed tables, it's a type of speed bump that has a greater surface area and doesn't force people to break suddenly. Engineers told us speed tables are supposed to "entice drivers to maintain a slower rate of speed." 

Three streets in Albany stand out has having the most outrageous speeders, and are on a list to get speed tables installed. At the top of the list is Winterwood, a residential street off Locket Station.  Eight in 10 drivers average 46-miles-per-hour on this 30-mile-per-hour road.
Meadowlark and West Doublegate hold the number two and number three spots.  Eight in 10 drivers average 42 and 41-miles per hour, respectively.  Both of these residential roads are also 30-mile-per hour speed limits.

If you want to get your street on a list for a speed table, you can contact your city commissioner with your complaint.

You can also submit letters, or even a street petition, to the city. That will trigger a speed study to determine if speeding is indeed a problem for your street.

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