Albany cancer patient is without power in her home

Albany cancer patient is without power in her home
Cheryl Berry, Friend
Cheryl Berry, Friend

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany woman makes an emotional plea to get her family back on their feet. On the coldest night of the Fall so far, an Albany cancer patient and her family have no power in their home.

Farrell Burgin says she is down on her luck, but is thankful she has friends to help her get through this difficult time.

An emotional Farrell Burgin sits in her dark house after her power was cut off nearly two weeks ago.

"Our power has been going off," said Farrell Burgin, Cancer Patient. "They turn it off, they won't turn it back on. They say I don't qualify for any kind of help."

Burgin's financial downfall started three months ago when she was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer. She's currently undergoing chemotherapy and preparing for more surgery.  She got more bad news Monday when her water was cut off.

"I need my water after I do my chemo treatments," said Burgin.

Burgin's husband and daughter say they can't work because they have to offer her around the clock care.

"Bad, it's cold in here," said Burgin.

Burgin's friend, Cheryl Berry has come to her rescue bringing her family food and trying to help with expenses.

"We started a gofundme page," said Cheryl Berry, Friend. "Right now we're at $50 and I know that's a long ways from $650 just to get the power turned back on."

Monday evening more help was on the way with a truck load of firewood. The men stacked the wood outside Burgin's home.

"We just want to see these people get some help with their power and their water and help them in anyway that they can," said Berry.

Burgin tearfully thanks them for their help.

"It makes me feel good that I have friends like that," said Burgin.

You can help Farrell Burgin and her family by clicking here or calling Cheryl Berry at 229-206-2307.

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