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Log truck wreck slows Sylvester traffic

(Sylvester Police Department) (Sylvester Police Department)
(Sylvester Police Department) (Sylvester Police Department)
Sam X, Sylvester artist Sam X, Sylvester artist
Sgt. Doug Brooks Sgt. Doug Brooks

Traffic is expected to be blocked through mid afternoon after a semi truck carrying a load of logs overturned at intersection of Highway 112, (Ashburn Highway) and Highway 33 North, the Cordele Highway in Sylvester.

Logs spilled out onto the right-of-way, and have to be re-loaded before normal traffic will be able to resume. Sam X, a Sylvester artist, heard a loud noise outside his home near Highways 112 and 33.

"I was sitting there in the house and I heard this big bang and this big boom. But I had no idea that all of this had taken place," Sam X said.

Police say around 10:00AM, Andrew Davis drove too fast around this corner near the intersection of the highways, causing his log truck to flip over.

"He was going to fast it slow shifted and caused him to overturn" said SPD Sergeant Doug Brooks.

X says when he came outside and saw the wreckage, he feared the worst for the driver. "I was blown away to see this and um wow I hope no one got hurt." 

Davis is ok. "He's skinned up but he's not hurt," Brooks said.

Firefighters had to cut Davis out of his truck. "They get up and open the door the door is so heavy to push open. They had to cut the windshield to get him out," Brooks said.

 Traffic was blocked both ways for quite a while. The cleanup crew didn't get their until 11:00, and they had hours of work ahead of them to clean all these logs off the street.

"It's keeping us tied up on the scene keeping the road blocked," said Brooks

Officials said the truck driver refused medical assistance at the scene. He was given a citation for speeding.

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