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Wounded Warriors enjoy their Sowega Hunt

Volunteer Clint Brown Volunteer Clint Brown
Army Veteran Kenneth Wayland is from Columbus Army Veteran Kenneth Wayland is from Columbus
Organizer Chad Gunter Organizer Chad Gunter

Great weather greeted some American heroes for the first ever Wounded Warriors Sowega Hunt. Volunteers and several plantations around South Georgia came together to host more than a dozen military veterans.

It's lunch time at Red Bone Farms in Lee County, for a group of hunters who had a great morning, and a good hunt. "I'm grateful that I got this opportunity to come out here, and go on this hunt, it's such a fantastic organization that we have. And the people are fantastic."

Army Veteran Kenneth Wayland is from Columbus and for him there's nothing better than being outdoors.  "Being outdoors is the best part about it."

And hanging out and meeting others who serve. "Prior military and military, we understand each other so it makes it better," Wayland said.

A total of 15 farms around the South Georgia area from Lee County to Mitchell County hosted 20 veterans and provided them with a good hunting experience. "We are able to give back to these wounded veterans who give so much for us," said Organizer Chad Gunter.

And to go with the good hunting and good food, they also had great weather. "It was just a picture perfect hunting morning,"  said Volunteer Clint Brown.     

And many turned out with some great deer. "This area is beautiful. It's got some nice size deer here," Wayland said.

The day will wrap up with more hunting. They plan to hunt hogs as well. And organizers say lots of folks reached out to volunteer, so they would like to host this event again next year.

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