Editorial: School bomb threats

Editorial: School bomb threats

Last week, we told you that Dougherty County's School Superintendent said he is sick of the disruptions caused by recent bomb threats. He's right, and we've had enough too!

Dougherty and Monroe were both evacuated due to bomb threats, and there have been other threats recently.

This totally disrupts the school day, and ruins the learning environment that is vital to educating young minds. Instead of learning, the whole school has to go through the procedures that make them leave the classroom.

"You're going to see somebody pay the price and I'm saying that to them right now if they're listening you're going to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law if we catch you and we will if you keep on," said DCSS Superintendent Dr. David Mosely.

We want people who disrupt schools to be arrested, and serve a long jail sentence, where they can have plenty of time to contemplate the harm they've done to students.

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