Family Dollar robbed in Cordele

Family Dollar robbed in Cordele

CORDELE, GA (WALB) - Police are investigating a Thursday morning armed robbery at a dollar store. A masked man entered the Family Dollar on West 24th Avenue around 8:45 Thursday morning.

He emptied the cash registers and the safe before running out a back door. Police say customers waited outside the front door and didn't call 911. They encourage people who see something suspicious like this to speak up.

"If you know a store opens at 8 o'clock and you're there at 8:40 AM and the front doors are locked, something might be going on and you might need to call someone to investigate because that would've given us a leg up in this situation," said Sgt. Jeremy Taylor with the Cordele Police Department.

According to police, the robber is a black man about 6 feet tall. He had a black pistol and was wearing faded jeans, work boots, white gloves, and a blue jacket thrown over his shoulders. His face was also covered with a red and black cloth.

Police did not say how much money the robber stole.

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