Realistic shooter drill helps law enforcement respond to threats

Realistic shooter drill helps law enforcement respond to threats

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - After several shootings across the country on college and school campuses, Albany and Dougherty County law enforcement held a realistic shooter drill Wednesday, practicing how they would respond.

The drill was held at Albany Technical College.

"We had a domestic violence type situation. The suspect was angry with his wife," explained Albany Technical College Campus Safety Coordinator Kenn Singleton. "He got a shotgun and started taking shots at individuals on campus."

As the gunshots rang out, the school was placed on what is called an orange alert.

Students received text messages about the shooter, and alerts were blasted over loud speakers.

"We have to be prepared," said Albany Tech President Anthony Parker. "Safety is what it's all about. We have to be prepared."

The gunman walked through several buildings, checking doors and firing at anyone he saw. Officials want the students and faculty to lock those doors and stay quiet.  In the end police killed the suspect.

"It's all about learning. It's all about trying to be prepared. You want to have a plan of action before a critical incident happens," said Singleton.

"We have new students, new faculty, new staff. Things change. The environment changes. This is a never-ending thing you need to do over, and over, and over," said Parker.

After the drill, law enforcement and school officials went over everything, looking for improvements, hoping to save lives if the real thing ever happens.

All the college and public school police agencies took part in the drill.

The drills are mandated by the state to be held once a year.

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