Flying? Arrive early

Flying? Arrive early
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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - AAA estimates nearly 47 million of us will travel 50 miles or more this Thanksgiving holiday. It's the highest projected number in eight years.

And for those of you flying, the stress of delays and security can take the fun out of your trip. 

Folks here at the Albany airport say the most important thing travelers need to remember is to arrive early.  Allowing yourself some extra time is key during the busy holiday season.

But there are even more ways you can prevent your holidays from turning into a stressful mess. While the check-in lines may not be busy now, travelers here at Southwest Georgia Regional airport expect a different scene when the holidays begin.

"You get yourself in the mindset that something could go wrong and you're going to get delayed," Marti Ziobro said.

Being prepared for something to go wrong is one important reminder Administrative Manager Elizabeth Knowles has for folks with flights planned. She says there are many factors that could impact those plans.

"It's a domino effect," Knowles said.  "It could be weather, it could be mechanical, it could be a variety of things from any flight anywhere.

Knowles suggests downloading the Delta app to stay alert on the latest delays, and double check your boarding pass so it  matches the name on your I-D.  She also reminds travelers to check to see what you can and cannot pack in your carry-on items.

"If all 49 or 50 people have something they don't need, they are constantly having to re-screen and throw things away.  So, if everybody pays attention to what they can and cannot have, then that will make the line go so much smoother," said Knowles.

Knowles says the normal in bound and out bound flight times will change for the holidays starting Sunday November 22nd.. so remember to check your flight time on But most importantly, however you plan to travel this holiday season, remember to pack some patience.

"The ends justifies the means.  Get home…" Ziobro said.

Knowles reminds travelers, even though this is a small airport, you should arrive at least two hours before your flight is scheduled.

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