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More speed 'tables' could soon pop up around Albany


More speed "tables" could soon pop up around Albany. They're similar to speed "humps" only larger.  

The city has more than three dozen requests from folks interested in seeing them installed in their neighborhoods.

Engineering Director Bruce Maples says it's part of their "traffic calming" policy.

“It's a perceived and a reality problem that you might have speeders on it, so that's why we do the speed study, and we determine in fact that there is a speeding issue. If there is a speeding issue, we come up with ways to try and slow that traffic down," says Engineering Director Bruce Maples.

Maples says there is a less than 100 thousand dollars in the budget for this, and city commissioners are looking at dividing up the number of tables for each ward.

Each speed table costs about $4400.

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