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Meigs Police Chief is going to work regardless of city's insurance troubles


At Midnight on Monday the City of Meigs will be without liability insurance from the Georgia Municipal Association.

Most city employees will not be at work, except for the city's police chief. 

"I will be going into work tomorrow but I will not be working," Chief Gary Price said. 

Meigs will no longer be insured due to the many lawsuits, most involve the city's mayor, Linda Harris. In an earlier story with the Mayor she told WALB, that the insurance carrier deemed the city as a high risk after paying  settlements to settle a lawsuit brought by five former employees. 

"They knew about this insurance cancellation for over a month now. Over two months and they tabled the decision to get insurance and they tabled that. And now they are at the point now where they can't table it anymore and that's unacceptable as a city leader," Price said. 

Price says that there has been no formal direction from city leaders about the what will happen come Monday.

"They've taken all the leadership over there, so there's been no one to provide a detailed explanation as to where the city's plan to do and where the city is going," Price said.

As for Monday, Price says that he is going in to protect the Police station.

"I am coming in to insure that nothing gets taken, nothing gets removed, while the council goes through this transition that they are going through," Price said.

The City Council will meet Monday at 6:30 pm at the Meigs Community Center. 

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