South Georgia has its own Horse Whisperer

South Georgia has its own Horse Whisperer
William Davis
William Davis

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - William Davis is known by many around South Georgia as the Horse Whisperer, dedicating his life to training and finding horses good homes.
He takes as many as 30 calls a week from those seeking advice, or needing to find a horse a good home.

Davis says especially as it gets colder, horses are harder to take care, and sometimes people don't realize how much work they are, so he takes them in and finds them a new home.

It's feeding time at William Davis place where he takes care of three horses. One is a rescue he just picked up from Quitman. That's not unusual for him. He says this year he's probably taken in about 35 horses and found them good homes.

"I won't turn down no horse," Davis said. He says you have to spend a lot of time with horses to gain there trust. They require lots of care from feeding to brushing. "A lot of people work at lot, and when you work a lot you really don't have time for them."

18-year-old Benjamin Jackson just started riding last year, but his love for horses has grown quickly. He rides as much as 60 to 70 hours a week.
And as the winter approaches, he's expecting to inherit more horses. "The colder it gets, the more calls I'm going to get."

"We ride a lot." And when they're not riding, they are busy taking care of the horses. Cody is Davis favorite horse. He's the most friendly, and loves everyone. "He got a great personality. He just loves people. He's a people's horse. He just loves anybody. It doesn't matter who it is"

He hosts birthday party for kids and takes Cody to Terrell County to teach Autistic kids how to ride. Jackson its taught him how to enjoy life and now he hopes to one day become a trainer.

"It's very fun," said Benjamin Jackson.  "It's like all through the day, all your stresses and worries, when you hop on a horses back you forget about everything, you enjoy the ride and talk, laugh and tell stories and stuff."

Davis has worked at several horse ranches over the years training and working with horses.

You can call William Davis at 229-526-0018.

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