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Warning: Crooks are on social media, too

Crime Prevention Sgt. William Henry Crime Prevention Sgt. William Henry
Autrell Brown Autrell Brown

Albany Police prevention officers are warning people that burglars are using social media to target easy victims. 
With people using more advanced apps and cell phones to post social media, police want you to understand that crooks could be watching and using that information to know when you are not home.

Autrell Brown suspects the crook who burglarized his home Thursday while he was at work might have used Brown's social media information to time his break in.

"A lot of crooks do look into social media. I think that's what a lot of people do.  Because they know your movement. And this guy had to know that I work overnight to be able to come and just break in the house," Brown said.

Brown knows the crook took his time, packing up and stealing Brown's TV, computer, clothes, and shoes. Police urge you to think about what you post, because crooks are looking for folks to post their home is empty.

"That you've got these new items and you are out of town.  It just sets you up to be the victim of a crime," Albany Police Crime Prevention Sgt. William Henry said.

Police say you should make your social media accounts private, so only your friends can see your posts. Unprotected posts from your phone reveal where you are and when. "Especially if you are not home when nobody is at your house.  Because that is basically an open invitation to the bad guy to come to your house and take what doesn't belong to him," Henry said.

Brown was quick to call pawn shops and put a look out on his TV and computer, and a man was taken into custody when he tried to pawn his TV.  Brown has it back, but most of his other items are still missing.  The burglary has him increasing security.

"I'm still going to be on social media, but actually be very alert of how I'm posting now. And the things I am posting on social media."
Police warn that all South Georgians need to learn that lesson, and control their social media information.

With the holidays coming, a lot of people will be out of town for Thanksgiving.  Police urge you to make your accounts private, and wait until you return home from your trips to post your social media items.

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