Sheriff's office shaves heads to support cancer patient

Sheriff's office shaves heads to support cancer patient

BEN HILL CO., GA (WALB) - When a family member of a Ben Hill County Sheriff's employee started losing her hair because of chemo treatments, folks in the department decided they would lose their hair too, in support.

Major Jeffery Dobbins shaved his head in support of his wife Wednesday, starting a trend that has spread across South Georgia.

"I shaved mine and one of the fellow officers challenged the brothers in blue to shave their head," he explained. "We've got one in Tift County and Fitzgerald PD."

More than 15 officers and family friends, including Sheriff Bobby McClemore, have already shaved their heads in support of Patty and Jeffery Dobbins, without even thinking twice about it.

"We've been one hundred percent behind them and she's a fighter, a very strong person," said sheriff Bobby McClemore. "But she's a special person and this is just one small tribute we can do for her."

Even more officers and family friends from across South Georgia are expected to shave their head in the coming days, but the Ben Hill County Sheriff's Office wants to let the community know they already appreciate their support.

"I couldn't ask for anybody to do any better than what they've done for us through the whole time not just now, but ever since she's had cancer,"McClemore said. "The support has been great."

The Ben Hill County Sheriff's office has already held fundraisers in support of Patty and Jeffery Dobbins and could have more in the future.

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