Dangerous rock-throwing has to stop

Dangerous rock-throwing has to stop
Lt. Terrell Coley, Americus Police Department
Lt. Terrell Coley, Americus Police Department

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - Americus police are encouraging drivers to keep their eyes open as they travel on US 19.  At least five cars had bricks thrown at them at the intersection of Mary Blount Street and MLK Boulevard.

Police say the culprits could be young teenagers.  Luckily no one has been injured yet, but these incidents are happening early in the evening and police want drivers on alert.

"It's a scary thought because a lot of things can go wrong when people are throwing at moving vehicles," said Lt. Terrell Coley with the Americus Police Department.

Coley says five drivers called 9-1-1 around 6:30 Wednesday night and reported the frightening crime to police. "Four of those victims had severe damage to their vehicles," said Coley.

An 18-wheeler, pickup truck, and another car had smashed windshields, the driver of the semi says he almost lost control of his big rig.
Police want other drivers watching out now.

"When they see something like these kids or whoever's throwing rocks, they need to stop and notify police, notify someone," said Coley.

Police canvassed a nearby housing area but could not find anyone. They want these kids to know they're watching, and their message is clear.

"We want these kids to stop, that we will be vigilantly looking for them. We really want them to be responsible for throwing these rocks or bricks. Whatever action they took that is illegal we want to be responsible," said Coley.

Hopefully before any of these drivers are seriously injured.

Lieutenant Coley encourages parents in that area to talk to their kids about the seriousness of this crime.

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