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Hadley Museum salutes Vets, 50 years post Vietnam

James Jack Hadley James Jack Hadley
Bob Brettel Bob Brettel

A south Georgia museum celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War, by honoring all veterans on Veterans Day.

The Jack Hadley Black Historical Museum salutes Veterans, but what's so special about today is that this marks the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War.

"We fought that war because we were drafted in the military protecting our country and foreign land as well but the appreciation was not there like it is today," said founder James Jack Hadley.

And that's why Jack wanted to honor all Veterans who served in the military but he wanted to do something very special for those who fought in Vietnam.

"We were not shown appreciation of serving your country about the world," he said, fighting tears. "So anyway it's a healing point for me, it's a healing point for other veterans."

And it truly was a healing point for veterans that came in today. A Marine Veteran who also served in the Vietnam War also says that veterans weren't shown as much appreciation back then as they do today.

"I'm not saying they were wrong, I'm just saying it was different then it is now. People look at the military, and the veterans and the service men now in a different light then they did, at least in the Vietnam War," said Marine Bob Brettel.

The museum is on Alexander Street in Thomasville. Call them at  229-226-5029

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