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Albany police say crime stats show decrease in property crimes


Albany police released their 2014 crime statistics, showing an overall decrease in crime of more than six percent.

Despite an increase in homicides with ten in 2014, Albany had a small decrease in violent crimes.  

The city saw greater progress with property crimes.

Albany Police credit crime stoppers and other programs like their clean car campaign with combating crime

When it comes to violent crimes like murders and robberies, police tell us its programs like crime stoppers that really help out.

Because violent crimes are unpredictable, it's anonymous tips that come in handy solving cases.

"We depend heavily on Crime Stopper's tips and the community really rallies around us when we need tip information," says Phyllis Banks, Public Information Officer.  

Even though Albany had two more murder cases in 2014 compared to 2013, the number of robberies went down.

So did other property crimes like break-ins..and auto thefts. Police credit efforts such as their clean car campaign.

"We have a Crime Prevention unit that is always out in the community promoting crime prevention information. One, we have our clean car campaign, where we encourage people not to leave items inside their cars, and to make sure they lock their car," says Banks.

Overall property crime is down by just more than 10 percent.

Police also pushed their open and empty campaign, which encouraged businesses to leave registers open with no cash inside when they close.

"So if a suspect or a criminal walks by and they see that there is an empty register, it may detour them from breaking into the business," she says.

Neighborhood watch groups also help keep crime down in neighborhoods.

About two years ago the APD formed an association of neighborhood watch groups. 

It's brought crime down in areas like Sherwood acres.

"You know your neighborhood. You know when there is a suspicious vehicle in your neighborhood. You know when there is a suspicious person in your neighborhood because you know who lives and drives in your neighborhood," says Banks.

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