Lee Co. drama program wins top state honors

Lee Co. drama program wins top state honors

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) - Lee County High School's Drama Program won all three top state honors at the Georgia one-act play contest, which is the first time a high school has accomplished that in recent memory.

The Palladium Players earned trophies in best one-act play, best actress and best actor.

This photo taken from Saturday's competition shows Lee County students Kiana Benton and Josh Gerstel performing the winning play called "Anatomy of Gray".

Junior Josh Gerstel is new to the one-act play program at Lee County and was stunned by his win.

"I didn't expect it at all, cause it was hard to go through. I was very thankful to be in the hands of the Davises, they will whip you into shape and get you good," said Gerstel.

Gertsel wants to purse theater, but first talked about perhaps entering the Navy to help pay for school.

The state contest, held in Houston County, pitted eight regional one act play champions against each other.

Lee County was the only South Georgia school competing, and was the smallest.

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