Burned woman in intensive care; Mom concerned over fund plea

Burned woman in intensive care; Mom concerned over fund plea
The victim's mother
The victim's mother
The explosion ripped the trailer to pieces
The explosion ripped the trailer to pieces

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - A Tift County woman, severely burned when her RV exploded last week, remains in intensive care in a Florida burn center.
The family is thankful for an outpouring of support, but believe someone tried to take advantage of their tragedy to make a buck.

Valerie Bentley still remains in the hospital after being blown out of her RV Last Tuesday. Over 60% of her body was burned. "They still got her on the vent. They did her first skin graph yesterday," said her mother, Ann Davis.

Bentley's mother says that there has been an outpouring of support to help Valerie. "Everybody's asking can they help what can they do," said Davis.

Bentley's mother says she's gotten a ton of inquiries from people wanting to help, but one Go Fund Me page immediately sent up a red flag.

On Thursday a cousin of family friend Missy Kling noticed someone they didn't know tried to start a Go Fund Me account for Bentley. "She asked me. So she sent me a screen shot of it and I told her I didn't know her."

Immediately Kling contacted Valerie's mother who didn't know the woman either.  "It's horrible for somebody to take advantage of somebody else's sickness. Or you know I don't even know if she's going to make it. You know and somebody take advantage of my child." Ann Davis

Kling says that since then they have been monitoring online so that this doesn't happen again. The account has been taken down.

"There's so many false accounts out there that you know that just anybody can make an account and you know say that it's for a victim and it really isn't.

Bentley's mother is unsure what the woman's motives were. But she is grateful for those who continue to help her daughter. "It's just unreal the responses I've been getting."

Fire investigators discovered a significant propane leak coming from the home. Just yesterday, a leak from a huge propane tank behind a store in Ty Ty was taken care of before it caused a problem.

As the weather gets colder, firefighters remind people to stay safe. "People need to inspect their equipment that they are using their appliance and everything that's associated with it. All the safety devices the lines the connections. Make sure everything is hooked up and in proper working order," said Danny Wallace, Fire inspector.

The best suggestion is to get a professional to install a propane tank.

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